Inspection & Title

Once you are under contract on a home, you will need to work with a title company and a home inspector. Learn more about each process, what you can expect, and why it matters.

Finalizing the Sale

Before finalizing the sale of the home, you will have a period of time — typically referred to and stipulated in contracts as the due diligence period — to identify any areas of concern with the home. Once you have reviewed the report and are comfortable with any of the items listed, you can close on your home with greater peace of mind!


Home Inspection

In the Boston real estate market, the buyer will be responsible for hiring an inspector. Whether you're dealing with Cambridge properties or exploring Sommerville real estate, in preparation for the inspection, you may request a disclosure statement from the sellers. This document reveals any improvements done to the property, such as renovations and upgrades, essential for homes in these historic regions. Your inspector, well-versed in Boston, Cambridge, and Sommerville housing intricacies, should review this.

You and your real estate agent, who is hopefully an expert in Boston, Cambridge, or Sommerville homes, can meet with the inspector and walk through the property together. Systematically, the inspector will work their way through a checklist, visually assessing the condition of the home — a crucial step given the unique attributes of properties in these areas. Generally, this process takes a couple of hours, especially when dealing with the rich architectural nuances of Boston, Cambridge, or Sommerville homes. Plan your schedule for that day accordingly and engage with the inspector actively. If anything concerned you during your initial walkthroughs, especially given the diverse housing styles across Boston, Cambridge, and Sommerville, ask for clarification. Once the inspector concludes, they will generate a detailed report, highlighting potential areas of concern and guidance on future maintenance or replacements.


Title vs. Deed

When navigating the Boston real estate landscape or diving into Cambridge and Sommerville housing markets, it's essential to understand certain terminologies. It’s particularly important to note the distinction between Title and Deed. In the context of Boston, Cambridge, or Sommerville real estate transactions, a Title acts as proof of ownership, indicating you have the right to use the property. Yet, unlike some tangible assets in these historic cities, it's not a physical document. Conversely, a Deed, often seen in many Boston, Cambridge, and Sommerville property sales, is the legal document employed as a means of transferring ownership from one party to another. Before you seal the deal on your dream home, whether in bustling Boston or quaint Sommerville, both parties will need to sign this pivotal document.


Title Company & Title Search

Understanding the role of a title company is paramount. This company serves as a crucial liaison in the Boston, Cambridge, or Sommerville real estate landscapes to legally transfer a property title from one party to another. Once you engage a title company, they will embark on a title search, a common practice in high-demand areas like Boston and Cambridge, to verify the property's title. They then issue a report, confirming that the title is valid and that the seller in Sommerville or anywhere else in the area has the legal rights to sell.

For those investing in the Cambridge or broader Boston real estate scene, title companies also offer title insurance. This insurance safeguards both the buyer and the lender against potential property discrepancies unveiled during the title search. Especially in competitive markets like Sommerville, title insurance might offer post-sale protection should future title issues arise.

After diligent research and ensuring the property's integrity, whether in Boston's heart or the charming streets of Cambridge or Sommerville, you can finalize your purchase with increased confidence. Your chosen title company, well-versed in the intricacies of Boston, Cambridge, and Sommerville real estate, will spearhead your closing. They collaborate with both buyer and seller to manage funds and transition the title seamlessly. Welcome to your new home in one of these vibrant locales!

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