Our Favorite Things To Do in Cambridge

Our Favorite Things To Do in Cambridge

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Part of living an exciting city life is having many options for delight and entertainment. Residing in Cambridge, Mass., won't disappoint in this regard, as it gives you access to wide-ranging culinary, shopping, and arts and music possibilities.

And if there are instances where you would like to get away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the serenity of nature or scenic views, Cambridge has opportunities in the form of parks, trails, bike paths, and water activities. When planning a move to luxury housing near Boston, you might be wondering what things you can do in Cambridge, MA. Here are some of our favorite things to do:

Enjoy the Harvard Square experience

There are many places to enjoy coffee, dining, and shopping with family and friends in Harvard Square. Coffee shops like the Black Sheep Bagel Cafe and Blue Bottle Coffee are available to appreciate good coffee, bagels, and pastries while participating in delightful social interactions in a comfortable and quiet setting.

Harvard Square offers many options for lunch or dinner dining. Dash into Pinocchio's Pizza and Subs or the Clover Food Lab for casual fast food, or sit down at Bosso Ramen Tavern, the Russell House Tavern, or Felipe's Taqueria for lunch. Alden & Harlow and Daedalus Restaurant provide dinner options, where you will find new American fare, and The Hourly Oyster House offers seafood. On the other end of Harvard Square, you'll find East-Asian delights at Sakana Sushi and the Dumpling House.

For sweet cravings, you have several sugary specialty establishments at your disposal in Harvard Square. You can get handmade chocolates at LA Burdick; baked goods at Flour Bakery + Cafe, Tatte Bakery & Cafe, and Insomnia Cookies; and ice cream at J.P. Licks.

Many shopping plazas and boutiques are sprinkled around Harvard Square for a day of shopping. Products you might find to purchase in Harvard Square include:
  • Books.
  • Gift items.
  • Lingerie.
  • Fine wine and liquors.
  • Apparel, clothing, and accessories.
  • Jewelry and watches.
  • Children's books and toys.
  • Flowers and plants.
  • Gourmet food.
  • Art and crafts.
  • Housewares.
This list includes just a few examples of what merchandise is available to purchase in Harvard Square. Other products include photo and video imaging products, sunglasses, and music and movies in formats such as LPs, CDs, and DVDs.

Exercise outdoors around Cambridge

Other things to do in Cambridge include walking, running, or biking through the quiet ambiance of Mount Auburn Cemetery, away from the hustle and bustle of Cambridge city life, bringing about a peaceful state of mind. While exercising in the confines of this garden cemetery, you can see the graves and tombs of many writers, educators, reformers, artists, scientists, and inventors, including political philosopher John Rawls and poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. You'll make your way past beautiful towers, monuments, and gardens as you move through the cemetery.

If you walk, run, or bike along Memorial Drive on the Dr. Paul Dudley-White bike path parallel to the Charles River, you'll be treated to spectacular views of the river and the Boston skyline. Starting at Boston University Bridge, the bike path crosses over the bridge and continues east or west along Soldiers Field Road and Storrow Drive in Boston's city limits.

However, if you choose to stay on Memorial Drive, you'll pass Magazine Beach, a park with the Veterans Memorial Pool and an outdoor gym. Further up the bike path toward River Street Bridge, you'll find Riverside Press Park, which contains tennis courts and exercise paths. If you'd rather exercise on the water than on land, you can rent paddle boats, canoes, and kayaks to traverse the waters of the Charles River.

Exercising around Fresh Pond Reservation gives you access to peaceful loop trails and wetland wildlife sightings. If you want to walk, run, or bike the main perimeter of the pond, the total distance is 2.25 miles. Add in the Upper Kingsley Park loop, and the total distance will be 2.5 miles. On the southwest corner of the pond, you'll find the Fresh Pond Golf Course, a nine-hole golf course with challenging pars three, four, and five around natural and water-based hazards.

Appreciate the nightlife in Central Square

While Harvard Square borders Harvard University, Central Square borders the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This square is teeming with establishments that provide music, dancing, arcades, and fun for people who enjoy nighttime entertainment. Bars, lounges, and venues offer music spun by DJs and live music events.

You can see up-and-coming bands at the Middle East Restaurant and Club or visit the Cantab Lounge for additional live music entertainment. Go salsa dancing at the Havana Club or enjoy the energy of other nightclubs, like ClubMer, Xmortis, ManRay, and Middlesex.
If you want a more intimate setting for socializing, you can enjoy drinks at the Brick & Mortar or on the rooftop of the Blue Owl Rooftop Bar. Roxy's Arcade brings another level of fun to cocktails and socializing with arcade machines, including:
  • Nine rotating pinball machines.
  • Pop-a-Shot basketball.
  • SkeeBall.
  • A claw machine.
  • The Jurassic Park shooter.
  • Golden Tee.
Retro games such as Ms. Pacman, Tetris, Super Mario, and Donkey Kong are available for nostalgic video gamers. Guitar Hero, Mortal Kombat, Neo Geo, and Arkanoid are other video games you can play as you sip cocktails.

Attend performances at the American Repertory Theater (ART)

In addition to ART being a conduit for Harvard University students to continue their theater, dance, and media training through courses, it also provides entertainment and education programming for the whole community. A night at this theater may entertain you with performances such as The Half-God of Rainfall and Gatsby.

ART performances have won many awards, including four Tony awards and a Fred and Adele Astaire award. They even earned a Grammy award for Best Musical Theater Album, which was workshopped through playwright and performance development programs. Children aged 3 to 16 can participate in programs and courses that introduce the theater world by exploring stories using movement, music, and imagination and cultivating promising performing and playwriting skills.

What will be your favorite things to do in Cambridge?

Now that you know what our favorite things to do in Cambridge are, it should give you an idea of what your favorite things will be when you make the move to Cambridge. You can enjoy a different culinary delight or nightlife activity every day or become a regular at your favorite establishments. Arts and performances are another highlight of things to do in Cambridge's exciting city life.

If you love physical activities that also allow you to appreciate scenic views and the tranquility of nature, Cambridge offers that as well. When considering what your favorite things to do in Cambridge, MA, will be, contact RE/MAX Destiny and see how the team can help you find your dream home.

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