Why Your Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

Why Your Realtor Needs to Be a Master Marketer

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When making any home purchase or sale, the right combination of factors needs to come together. The property needs the right buyer and the timing has to be just right, not to mention the offer perfect for both the buyer and the seller's goals. Real estate marketing plays a role as well. Unless the home is sold to a friend or neighbor via word of mouth, your realtor will have promoted your property through various channels, reaching and speaking to the right potential buyers.

Marketing is one of the most valuable skills a realtor can possess. Through various marketing techniques, from listings on real estate websites to social media marketing and open houses, your realtor can get the word out about a property and attract the most desirable offers. Being a master marketer unlocks exciting possibilities for both your realtor and the real estate transactions that they handle on your behalf.

Marketing helps your property reach the right audience

Perhaps most importantly, being a master marketer ensures that your realtor is able to reach the right audience for your property if you're selling a home. Any realtor with a talent for marketing knows that specific strategies need to be utilized for a home to show up on the right channels. They will be able to craft the appropriate marketing messages for your property and ensure that the listing shows up on the sites and channels that your ideal buyer most often uses.

Marketing skills help your realtor build a larger network

Much of the real estate industry is about who you know. The power of relationships will always remain a vital part of the real estate business, in spite of the increased popularity of digital marketing methods and online advertising. A realtor who is a master marketer is likely going to be excellent at building and developing a real estate social network, including professionals in the financial and construction industries.

These connections can not only serve your realtor as they market and promote your property, but they can also serve you as you go about the process of selling a home or buying a new one. Realtors can build their network by attending industry events, socializing online and in person at local businesses, and participating in community events and clubs.

Marketing methods your realtor should consider

There are a host of marketing methods that your realtor can use to buy and sell property. Depending on the ideal buyer the seller wishes to reach, your real estate agent might prioritize digital marketing methods or traditional real estate marketing techniques. In general, most realtors use a mixture of marketing methods to ensure a broad reach.

Open houses

Out of the many traditional real estate marketing methods, open houses are one of the most reliable. Open houses are scheduled events that allow a lot of potential buyers to check out the property at one time, eliminating the hassle of multiple showings. Open houses allow for minimal disruption to the sellers' day-to-day lives, making them a popular marketing option for sellers with very busy schedules.

Open houses can also motivate potential buyers. By standing elbow-to-elbow with other interested parties, a buyer might be more likely to place a competitive offer. Another perk to open houses is that your realtor will handle the scheduling on their own, so you don't have to worry about planning and executing these events.

Print flyers and ads

Print flyers and ads will always have a place in real estate marketing, even with the advent of more targeted digital marketing techniques. There are many buyers who might not feel comfortable using the internet for their home search. This includes older buyers or those who prefer to buy exclusive properties that aren't listed online.

Print ads or flyers can be hung in areas where affluent buyers live or in local businesses where potential buyers might frequently visit. Your realtor can hang these flyers as part of their marketing efforts, but they can carry a few with them as well.

Digital marketing techniques

While traditional marketing methods are perfect for those potential buyers who like to handle transactions in person, the reality is that most people use the Internet for their real estate transactions. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), in 2020, 97% of homebuyers used the internet in their home search. For this reason, your realtor should be proficient in digital marketing techniques.

Digital marketing can include everything from ensuring that your property has a presence on an online listing service to email campaigns that get photos of your home in front of potential buyers. Talk to your realtor about what methods make sense for you and your goals.

Social media advertising

Social media marketing is a prime way to get in front of interested buyers. Through social media posts that can be shared with network connections, your realtor can spread the word about your property. Social media posts on sites like Facebook can offer multiple photos of your home, along with vital information and even some videos. If you're selling a luxury property that has exclusive features, ensure that those are called out in the social posts.

Your realtor should be a master at promoting and selling a lifestyle

Ultimately, your realtor should be an expert at promoting a way of life. Through immersive marketing techniques, your realtor will be able to help buyers envision themselves in your space, leading to more offers and a successful real estate transaction. Your realtor should possess exceptional communication skills in addition to their marketing abilities, addressing concerns as they come up, assisting you in navigating through the buying or selling process, and earning the trust of everyone involved.

Work with the master marketing team at RE/MAX Destiny

If you've ever wondered, "What does a real estate agent do?" know that real estate marketing is a large part of it. Attracting buyers, encouraging the most lucrative offers, and working through complicated real estate transactions can all be made more seamless and successful when the appropriate marketing techniques are involved.

If you have any questions about buying or selling property in Boston or if you're wondering how to market yourself and your luxury home, the RE/MAX Destiny team is ready to assist. As master marketing experts and knowledgeable realtors, our team has the deep market insights and negotiation skills you need to make every transaction a success. Contact RE/MAX Destiny today to learn how we can help you meet your real estate goals!

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