What Season is Best for Selling Your Home in Boston

What Season is Best for Selling Your Home in Boston

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There is a reason you fell in love with your Boston home, whether it be the chic marble countertops or the spacious master suite. No matter what feature made your house into a home, there is truly nothing like living in a place that is functional and beautiful year-round. Buyers are always looking for a house that gives them a spark, and sometimes all it takes is selling your home during the right season to ignite it. Let’s review how selling your Boston real estate during different seasons may affect your ability to find the right buyer.

Finding the season that fits your needs


A Massachusetts winter can either be a picturesque wonderland or an icy nightmare, so selling your house during the winter months can feel inconvenient at times. With the holidays and unpredictable cold weather, it can be difficult to find time to pack up, clean, stage the home, and schedule showings. This goes for buyers as well, who will likely be reluctant to move and purchase a home during the holidays and in the middle of the school year. Curb appeal is also an issue in the winter. Bare trees are a bit of an eyesore, and snow can prove to be a gorgeous accent or a total hazard.


Spring is one of the most efficient seasons to sell your home. Flowers bloom, daylight saving time lengthens our exposure to sunlight, and summer is fast approaching. This season is a great time for new beginnings, and you’ll find many buyers are eager to get out of their winter slump and start fresh. You can prepare to sell your house in the spring by refreshing the paint on the interior and exterior of your home and maintaining the landscaping as the winter months come to an end.


Summer is a very convenient season to sell your home. Days are longer, and people won’t mind attending open houses in the warm weather. Families tend to look to move during summer to avoid clashing with the school year. You’ll find many motivated buyers looking to settle into a home before fall arrives. Warm nights and sunny days allow you to conduct plenty of showings that will put the home in the best light, and you can even draw attention to home amenities like stellar air conditioning.


The fall isn’t always the best time to sell your home. The truth is, the season is just too busy, and buyers’ minds are elsewhere. With the school year underway, cold weather fast approaching, and many costly holidays to attend to, the selling process can feel way more stressful than need be. A benefit, though, to selling your Massachusetts home in the fall is the changing leaves and radiant sunsets, which can boost an emotional connection with buyers.

Springtime sales tips

Spruce up your garden

A flourishing garden frames a house in a beautiful, inviting way, adding pops of color and texture to the exterior that are at their peak between April and June. Buyers have been used to seeing the decaying foliage and dreary gray skies that accompany winter months, and they are looking for something to inspire them to settle into a new space. Decorate your lawn and garden with interesting, pet-friendly additions like pineapple sage and camellias, a thoughtful addition that will resonate with dog-loving buyers.

Schedule evening showings

With sunsets occurring later in the evening, you can invite buyers to evening showings, which exemplify your home’s nighttime curb appeal and allows you to highlight certain features. Showcase how the home and backyard intertwine by leaving sliding doors open for buyers to come and go. Be sure to have warm outdoor lighting that is inviting and illuminates the landscaping.

Find decor that complements the season

Bright, natural colors and furniture with rustic accents are so quintessentially spring, and you should take advantage of bold patterns and lush indoor greenery. Add a few flowers from the garden throughout the house to promote a cohesive look, and choose exciting motifs for the decor, like yellow throw pillows and iridescent botanical dinnerware.

Summertime sales tips

Utilize the outdoor space

An outdoor seating space encourages conversation and expands the feel of the home, allowing buyers to feel comfortable sticking around and finding out more about the house. Choose spacious lounging furniture and consider installing in-ground lights if you have a pool, which adds ambiance and boosts safety.

Declutter the home

Hot weather can make you and buyers a little grumpy at times, so having a clean, decluttered home that is easy to navigate will make the experience much more enjoyable in the summer. Cleanliness is an important aspect of preparing your home for sale, especially when high temperatures emphasize unpleasant scents. A professionally cleaned home backed by thoughtful staging will help your home attract many competitive bids during the summer.

Keep bugs at bay

Fresh air is enticing on summer days, but open windows invite pesky flies and other bugs that will surely agitate your potential buyers. Use citronella oil and candles to thwart mosquitoes during showings and open houses. Perform necessary repairs to keep your home bug-free, like resealing doors or keeping some rosemary plants around your garden to repel insects.

Here to help, no matter the season

Though the warmer seasons, like spring and summer, are the ideal periods to conduct a sale, you can choose to sell your home any time of the year. Even during colder market conditions, you deserve to work with a real estate team with the resources and knowledge to connect you with the right buyer any time of year. RE/MAX Destiny real estate agents have a passion for connecting sellers and buyers in the Cambridge area. Reach out to a member of the RE/MAX Destiny team for more details on how to get the most out of the Boston real estate market.

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