Planning to Sell Your Home in Cambridge This Year? Here’s What to Expect

Planning to Sell Your Home in Cambridge This Year? Here’s What to Expect

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Cambridge real estate remains highly attractive for home buyers. This major suburb in the Boston metropolis is home to two of the nation’s finest universities, Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This iconic “City of Squares” also hosts the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory and the Harvard Art Museums. The Charles River Esplanade provides three miles of pathways for walkers, runners, and bikers to enjoy. Cambridge boasts high walkability, allowing residents to easily access their favorite shops, restaurants, cultural events, and nightlife. If you are ready to sell your home in Cambridge this year, here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Begin with your goals

The real estate goals for selling your home should start with setting a budget and timeline. Think about what you are hoping to list your home for. Determine your budget moving forward, including costs for packing, moving, and storing. Remember to factor in upcoming closing costs, as well as the commissions for the real estate agents supporting the transaction. Consider the timeline you have in mind for your home sale too. Your agent may recommend a specific time of year to list or provide suggestions based on the current trends of the market. No matter your goals and timeline, however, be prepared to exercise patience and allow for fluctuations in the real estate market moving forward.

Ready the home for listing

Once you have narrowed down your real estate goals and timeline, it is time to start preparing your home for listing.

Start with the basics

Your first step in home preparation involves removing any clutter. Buyers want to see what your home offers without being distracted by a pile of mail on the counter or excess items filling up the counters. You will want to include your closets and storage spaces when you declutter, so buyers can see how their own belongings will fit. The next step involves taking down highly personal items, such as photographs and children’s artwork. Allow potential buyers to start visualizing themselves in the home. Once the house is cleared, clean the counters, wash the windows, and mop the floors. Complete any essential repairs, such as replacing burnt-out lightbulbs and tightening loose cabinet handles.

Take the next steps

Now that your home is clean and streamlined decide whether you will need to make any updates prior to the listing. This could be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint or stain to liven up tired cabinets or sun-faded walls. Consider repainting your home in neutral colors throughout, as this has been shown to appeal to a greater pool of potential buyers. Remember to check the exterior. Add some fresh flowers to the walkway or replace the welcome mat on the front stoop to provide a positive first impression. Talk with your real estate agent about anything more extensive, as you want to be sure you are receiving a positive return on your investment (ROI).

Invest in professional staging

Homes for sale in Cambridge will also benefit from staging. Professional staging involves deliberately placing furniture and accessories to highlight a room’s functionality and space. Staging has also been shown to offer sellers a positive ROI when done correctly. Enlist the services of a professional who knows the Cambridge area and how your home will appeal to buyers. For example, they may suggest staging a dedicated home office with a signature desk and shelving. Your real estate agent will have recommendations for professionals, so do consider whether this service would help to sell your home quickly.

Plan to hire an expert real estate agent

Now it is time to interview and hire an expert real estate agent to support you throughout the sale process. Your real estate agent should meet the following criteria.

Understands the market

Your real estate agent should demonstrate a deep understanding of the Cambridge real estate market, including national and local trends affecting the area. An experienced real estate agent will also complete a comparative market analysis (CMA). A CMA will provide you with an analysis of like sales in your neighborhood, along with a recommendation for the best listing price. The best listing price is not always the highest, and you do want to avoid listing your house too high. This tends to turn off potential buyers and may cause a home to linger too long on the market. Depending on market trends, your real estate agent will also indicate whether buyers will expect negotiations or any concessions with their offers.

Knows the Cambridge area

Your real estate agent should also demonstrate familiarity with the city itself.  A real estate agent knowledgeable about Cambridge will highlight the amenities near your home, showing buyers if they will enjoy easy access to campus, fine dining, or green spaces. They should know what buyers are drawn to in this area and will tailor their marketing plan to appeal to them. Expect the marketing plan to show the lifestyle your home offers through professional photography. You should expect an online presence with social media support. Ask to see the direct mailers, magazine layouts, or signage created to draw additional buyers to your home. Your real estate agent may also recommend open houses in addition to scheduled personal showings too.

Ready to list your Cambridge real estate?

Now you have the basics for a successful home sale in Cambridge. You can set your goals, prepare your home for listing, and hire an experienced real estate agent to support you in the process. If you have more questions about your upcoming home sale, contact the team at RE/MAX Destiny. This dedicated group of real estate agents has worked in Boston and its surrounding communities for over 30 years. While they demonstrate expertise in this area, they also have international connections in order to reach a broad range of potential buyers. This team is ready to serve their clients from anywhere in the world, offering virtual consultations, showings, and video conferencing during home inspections. Contact the RE/MAX Destiny team to get started with the process today.

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