What to Look for During an Open House

What to Look for During an Open House

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If you’re looking for homes for sale in Boston, MA, you’ll most likely attend open house events to see the homes in person. Open house events showcase potential new homes to buyers, literally opening their doors for guests to browse the rooms, peek into closets, and explore the backyard. Open houses are fun and exciting, and it’s a great time to   all the details you need to know about the property. Our guide will help you understand the most important features to look for during an open house.

Physical size and style

One of the biggest things to look for during an open house is the physical size and style of the home. Although you can get an idea of the size of a property through photos or virtual tours online, there’s no substitute for being in the space yourself. While you examine the size of the rooms, be sure to also look for the size of storage space in the home as well. Are there built-in cabinets and closets? Will these accommodate the items you need to store in your home, and how will your storage needs change over time? While you tour the home, taking notes and measurements is important. When you’re visiting multiple open houses, the different homes can start to blend together and your notes will help you remember the details about each property. Photographs can also be helpful, but remember to ask the listing agent or the property owner prior to taking any.

Structural updates

You’ll also want to investigate when the home was built and updated. Significant structural updates, such as a new roof or windows, can be quite costly. During the open house, you can ask the seller or their agent for details about when these large structural features were replaced and when they may need to be replaced again. Similarly, you’ll want to inquire about the last time the heating and cooling systems in the home were updated.


Appliances are another large expense for new homeowners. When touring the open house, examine the appliances to ensure they are in good working condition or have been recently updated. This, again, can be asked of the real estate agent or the homeowner.

Outdoor areas

When visiting an open house, the inside of the home isn’t the only thing that matters. You should also get outside and investigate the rest of the property. To start, look for curb appeal. How is the home landscaped? How does the outside of the home look? What is the condition of the yard or surrounding property? How close are the neighbors’ homes? Does the home need a fence, or is the current fence in disrepair?

You might also consider how you’d like to use the outdoor space. Is a yard or deck important to you? Will you want to install a pool or other outdoor amenities? Consider all of these factors when touring the home, and take notes.


The value of a property also depends on where it’s located. Consider the greater neighborhood the home is located in. Is it quiet or lively? Are the neighbors friendly, or do people keep to themselves? Also, consider what amenities are nearby, such as grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, and any other amenities that are important to you. If you have a family or are planning to have one in the future, you might also consider where the closest schools are and what district your children would attend.

Boston real estate

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